2021 Writing Workshops

The Writers Workshops are for writers who want to focus on a work-in-progress. Course participants should come with a draft of their work they are ready to share for detailed feedback and revision suggestions. Additionally, participants will be asked to provide supportive and challenging feedback to other workshop participants with the goals of helping one another develop insight and build skill. You can work on long pieces, short pieces, or even a series of shorts (5000 total words max). In addition to our weekly review and critique sessions, I’ll provide readings on craft, writing that fuels inspiration, and writing prompts designed to feed your imagination and dream of new possibilities for your work.

I teach all Writers Workshop Classes through WOW! Women on Writing.

The Writers Workshop-Creative Nonfiction

Nine weeks: January 4th-March 7th Register here!

The Writers Workshop-Speculative Memoir

Nine weeks: April 26th-June 27th Register here!

The Writers Workshop-Fiction

Nine weeks: August 30th-October 31st Register here!