I am finishing up Long Form Creative Nonfiction with Naomi Kimbell. This workshop has been life changing for me. I feel so inspired and empowered as a writer. Naomi really facilitated a safe place to be vulnerable while learning the process. My workshop peers were an amazing group and I am in awe of each of the women I went through this journey with. I really gained a lot of useful knowledge and am sad this is ending! I would absolutely recommend this course and would not hesitate to take another course with Naomi again. -Valerie F. (WOW class participant)

I’ve taken online courses before, and they’ve always disappointed. This one, however, on speculative memoir was amazing. Naomi has deep knowledge of the speculative memoir genre and of writing in general. She is one who can “do and teach.” I found her open to participants’ questions and learning needs and helpful in recommending additional reading or other material that would benefit further exploration. Her discussion questions and assignments were relevant, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. Generous with her time and her feedback, she provided a close reading of our work, and I plan to use her comments to improve the drafts I’m working on. She gave me new knowledge and much to think about, and I would definitely take another class from her when time and opportunity permit. -Joanne Glenn (previous WOW class participant)

Naomi Kimbell was an incredible instructor. She was flexible and adapted to the needs of the class and she genuinely explored the conversation of “what is speculative memoir” with curiosity and integrity. Her intelligence and warmth made for a safe and stimulating environment. I wouldn’t hesitate to take a course with her again! -Laraine Herring (previous WOW class participant)

Current Classes

Speculative Memoir: Can Untruths Set You Free?

Starts May 6, 2019

This class will explore the use of fairy tales, myths, fables, science fiction, fantasy, and other genres to muddy the waters between fact and fiction in order to write personal experience in new and revealing ways. We will read and discuss Monster Portraits, by Sofia Samatar, a speculative memoir. Students will also experiment in creating their own speculative nonfiction narratives and submit them to the classroom discussion forum for feedback.

Shape-shifting the Essay: Learn to Write Using Borrowed Form

Starts June 3, 2019

This class focuses exclusively on borrowed form (or hermit crab) essays. Participants will engage in a close reading of examples of borrowed form  and choose one borrowed form to use to write their own essay. 

Long Form Creative Nonfiction: Personal Essays and Memoirs in 2000-4000 Words (An MFA-style Workshop)

Next session starts September 9, 2019

This 8-week online workshop is a rigorous class focusing on the development and polishing of one piece of creative nonfiction of up to 4000 words. Craft discussions, readings, and thoughtful and detailed critique will be conducted in an online MFA-style workshop.