Cover Story on the Missoula Indepedent

"The first and only time I visited the Montana State Training School/Boulder River School/MDC was in November 2016. I had a funny feeling that day as I wandered the historic south campus, trying doors and pressing my forehead against windows. I felt as if I were spying, though no one had lived in those buildings [...]

Words with the Dead

"At first when writing my novel, I kept trying to capture my mother’s love for her home, her wanderings, her childhood dreams and games, but as I wrote I knew I wasn’t getting it. That first vision of my mother in the cottonwood flurry was a vision from my own life, not hers, and I’ve [...]

Cindy Will Not Be a Waitress in the Afterlife

"Although she excelled at making potholders, Cindy wanted to be a waitress at the Park Cafe in Anaconda when she turned twenty-one. But her twenty-first birthday came and went and she never did land that job. It wasn’t possible. There were no community-based services for people with disabilities. There were no job coaches to help [...]