Remote Views, a video chapbook

This video chapbook is an ambient and meditative collection of original films and scores created using an iPhone with no additional tools, hardware, or software, not even a tripod. The sounds used to create the scores are all found sounds, including wine glasses, marbles, dried garlic leaves, cattle guards, and rocks. The films are arranged from top to bottom in the order of their creation. All distortions, waves, and ripples are intentional. These films are not captioned because the scores are ambient and do not include sung or spoken words.


Abstract film of a flower in black and white metaphorically simulating footage of a nuclear explosion. Score composed using a spherical steel chime.


Blue-hued split frame photo and film of the sun and a reflection. Morse code in lower left spells “sun.” Score composed using dried garlic leaves, recordings from the Ringing Rocks, and a cattle guard.


Invented landscape in dark blue and purples simulating a mountain range and starry night sky. Score composed using recorded loop from NOAA weather radio, recordings from the Ringing Rocks, and a cattle guard.

Coal Train

Aerial view of a coal train entering a city with mountains in the distance. Score composed with layered voices and a cattle guard.


Invented landscape of dusky grey mountains and foreground with streaming smoke. Score composed with a wine glass, dried garlic leaves, a marble circling a juice glass, and wind through aspen.


Bright blue, yellow, and green sky and tree moving in the wind. No soundtrack.

Grass Grows Green

Close up abstraction of bright green windblown grass. Score composed with a wine glass.