New film–last film for a while

This is the last film for a while, and the first film in which I’ve attempted to capture some of my writing. It’s based on the first paragraph of my essay, Orphan Girl, which sounds like it’s about coal and copper and mining, and it kind of is, but really, it’s about depression. It was published in Crazyhorse a couple years ago. I gathered footage and photos between October and April 2016/2017 without knowing how I would assemble them. This is my attempt. The score, as with my other films, is an original composition. I sampled breath blowing across a bottle and mapped it onto the “keyboard” in the Garageband app on my phone. The voice recording was really tough, and I’m still not satisfied with it–does anyone else feel like a dork when they hear their own voice? Oh well, sometimes you just have to call it and move on. Big thanks to Bob Kimbell, my brilliant musician hubby, for helping me with the sound. All my films and scores are made with only my iPhone 6. I don’t use a computer to edit, just the phone, which usually means I damage my eyes a bit each film I make from focusing so intently on such a small screen. I can’t afford an update right now, but I’m looking forward to some more advanced technology, hopefully in the the not-too-distant future. Please enjoy.

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