24084039118_e541799ba7_oWe want to be a part of the land into which our towns disintegrate, to shed our walls and windows and, when we travel to bigger places with buildings made of the same stuff as our mountains, to know our absence has left a scar.  We want the land to miss us when we’re gone but eventually realize that the pain of separation goes unmatched by the places we love. We’re the ones who are lonely.

Naomi Kimbell on Reflections West

Naomi Kimbell is from Western Montana where she lives, writes, and pursues the sustained yet ephemeral experiences of place, loneliness, and loss that are intrinsic to the West.

Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Calyx, Black Warrior Review, The Nervous Breakdown, the Iowa Review, Otis Nebula, the Indiana Review, CrazyhorseThe Rumpus, Bright Bones, and other literary journals and anthologies. She is currently working on a novel.

In her spare time she is a hobbyist photographer and film maker, visiting ghost towns and other sparse or abandoned places for inspiration.