About Naomi

I’m a writer, a gardener, a plant-based eater, a bicycler, a runner, a maker of things, an experimenter, a watcher, an attempter, but most of all, I’m a beginner.

I don’t feel as if I’ve attained a level of mastery in any area of my life, and I hope that remains true. I prefer curiosity, questioning, making mistakes, and trying for better.

My partner in all this is my husband, Bob. He’s a musician, and he’s quite good at many things, but he’s a committed beginner, as well. We have a grown daughter. Our pets are a bird and a box of night crawlers.


My writing is inspired by my home in Western Montana and my family’s history in this state. My novel in progress, RUIN, is a literary neo-noir exploration of environmental destruction, mothers and daughters, friends, failures, and misguided ways to right a wrong.

I also teach writing workshops.

Plant-based eating

If we want to address the climate change catastrophe, we have to stop agricultural practices that are environmentally destructive. Meat and dairy production are two of the biggest culprits that contribute to global warming. My husband and I stopped eating all animal products, except for honey and the occasional accidental cherry maggot, and it turned out to be pretty easy.


My husband and I began raising food on our community garden plot about eight years ago, and it saved us from food insecurity. In fact, it became the foundation on which we rebuilt our lives after years of trauma and loss. When we were able to buy a home again, after having lost ours in 2012, we spent the first few years digging out the lawn and turning the whole yard into a garden.


I run to stay sane, but I also run because I like achievable goals. Writing is a long process, and writing goals can take years to realize, but training for a race has an defined endpoint, and gives me the instant gratification I sometimes need. Plus, you get tee shirts and medals, and people cheer for you when you cross the finish line. I started running seriously when I was 47, and I ran five half marathons in that first year–slowly.

Making and attempting

These last few years, I’ve been inspired to live more creatively. I’ve learned to make things I’ve never made before like films, crocheted baby hats, herb infused oils for healing salves, and my own home-grown dried herb bundles for smoke-cleansing sticks. These are small things, but satisfying, and easy to do with the materials at hand: yarn, my phone, stuff that was already growing in the yard, and sometimes stuff I find in the woods.

I like blogging because it gets me thinking about creativity, about the things I do, and the things I want to do. If you visit this page, or sign up to get notifications when I post something new, I promise not to have any answers, only ideas.